Roundtable discussion by the Ethiopian Business and Disability Network

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28 Jun 2023

The Ethiopian Business and Disability Network (EBDN) roundtable discussion held on 22 June 2023 brought together key stakeholders from diverse sectors, including the private sector, disability rights organizations, government agencies, and academia, who can influence and enable the labour market ecosystem for jobseekers with disabilities. The programme involved a section on best practices and experience sharing by Jürgen Menze from the ILO Global Business and Disability Network, and Racheal Inegbedion from the Initiative for National Growth Africa (Nigeria), followed by a panel discussion. The panel discussion – involving panellists from the ILO, Hako Garments, Addis Ababa University and the National Disabilty Directorate – brought to light the various measures taken by companies, universities and government agencies with regard to improving disability inclusion in employment. The highlight of the event included a brief presentation by the Director of the Ethiopian Disability Directorate on the revisions made to the current Proclamation No. 568/2008, which will include greater rights and benefits for persons with disabilities, particularly the introduction of a quota system to encourage disability hiring in the public and private sectors. These revisions will soon be submitted at the Ethiopian parliament for approval. Overall, the discussion progressed in a most positive manner in the presence of leading Ethiopian media channels.