Securitas Uruguay holds a seminar on labour market inclusion for people with disabilities in the private sector

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29 Oct 2019

Presentations were delivered by Gustavo Cardozo (Director of the Assessment, Support and Employment Section in PRONADIS, the National Disability Program of Uruguay), Eleonora Álvarez (Assistant Director of DERES, the National Business Council for Sustainable Development), María del Campo (Director of UMUNTU, an accessibility consulting agency), María Soledad Collazo and Yohanna Scavino (Chiefs of Implementation of the Inclusive Security Program), Cecilia Silvera and Damian Vidal (participants of the Inclusive Security Program by Securitas Uruguay).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay supported this initiative and offered its amphitheater. Accessibility measures for people who are wheelchair users were put in place, and there was also a sign language interpreter.

Jorge Silva, Director of Human Resources in Securitas Uruguay, said during the opening session of the seminar, “8 years ago, when Securitas first mentioned an inclusion program for people with motor disabilities in the private security sector, many people thought we were crazy, and that such a project would never succeed in our sector. Our Inclusive Security Program was implemented 6 years ago in Uruguay, it has 32 participants, and, against all odds, many clients joined and trusted this initiative by offering positions for people with motor disabilities at their facilities”.

The seminar showed that there is still a long way to go in Uruguay and that the application of the Labor Inclusion Act in the private sector is a great growth enabler.