Seeing opportunities, not obstacles!

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5 Jul 2021

As we all acknowledge, disability inclusion needs to be an integral part of an organization’s business strategy to create a truly inclusive work environment. At Accenture, this commitment is paramount and the company undertakes multiple initiatives across their offices globally for disability inclusion. The focus is on launching programmes that will benefit persons with disabilities, building inclusive workplaces, and creating deep sensitization among Accenture’s staff on the nuances of disability inclusion. Leadership participation and employee engagement in these conversations are equally important and relevant and the company builds multiple platforms and create opportunities for this open dialogue.

Here’s one conversation between one of Accenture’s leaders – Thomas Lounibos, Global Managing Director and President of Accenture Ventures, and Ike Tallerine, Senior Analyst who supports financial activities for Accenture’s top clients. 15 years ago, Tom developed a condition of detached retina resulting in loss of vision in both his eyes and Ike was born completely blind with a retinal condition called achromatopsia. Ike gained some vision at the age of four however his genetic disorder causes him to have light sensitivity, eye fatigue and migraines.

The two of them exchange notes, experiences and equip the rest of us with a whole lot of tips on working with persons with disabilities. Click here to enjoy their conversation on seeing opportunities, not obstacles!