Sign Language Library at Zain Jordan

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3 Sep 2021

Zain Jordan has created a sign language library to accommodate the needs and uniqueness of all Zainers.

A sense of belonging in an employee starts when they feel they are acknowledged and valued in the organization. It is then further deepened when the organization recognizes the employee’s uniqueness and individuality as well as provides an inclusive workplace.

A greater sense of value, satisfaction, and work ethic is harbored within the employee as a result of the appreciation and acknowledgment.

In the continuous effort to create a better and more inclusive workplace in Zain Jordan, a sign language library consisting of Jordanian sign language words that are most commonly used within Zain has been established.

The sign language library has been integrated into new employees’ orientation and the ZLearning platform to allow easy access for Zainers to learn the basics of sign language and terminologies. Thus, accommodating the needs and uniqueness of Zainers.