Sodexo’s latest disability inclusion efforts

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2 May 2022

The inclusion of people with disabilities in the work environment goes far beyond the established laws, it is fundamental and is part of Sodexo’s commitment to offering everyone an opportunity. The company understands that it is important to establish connections and engage in this commitment, in order to promote a sense of belonging and create an inclusive workplace.

The Brazilian Law of Inclusion of People with Disabilities says that companies with more than 1,000 employees need to hire 5% of total workforce of persons with disabilities. Sodexo’s objective goes beyond the obligation to meet the quota: the inclusion of people with disabilities is part of the commitment to providing opportunities for everyone. Currently, Sodexo has several initiatives focused on the topic, such as: availability of jobs for all people with disabilities, discussion networks on inclusion, partnerships with institutions, among other actions. Today, the company already has more than 2,000 employees who declare that they feel that they work in a company that includes them daily.

Advocating and supporting people with disabilities challenges perceptions, educates others and normalizes disability in everyday life is the company’s mission. Sodexo talks about the issues experienced by people with disabilities, celebrate their achievements and encourage inclusion: “Let’s focus on persons, not in their disability”

By 2025, the company’s goal is to reach 100% of the workforce with access to initiatives to support the inclusion of people with disabilities. To support Sodexo with new ideas, projects and initiatives for the inclusion of people with disabilities, participate in the Diversity & Inclusion Working Groups. Let’s go together to build an increasingly diverse, welcoming and inclusive organization.