Synergies and inclusion in Banregio

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28 Oct 2022

Since 2017, Banregio, a Mexican regional bank, has designed a Diversity and Inclusion roadmap to promote a culture of respect, fairness, and safe space to promote minorities within the company. This strategy includes several policy changes, a new partnerships culture, awareness raising campaigns and the publication and monitoring of key performance indicators to measure progress in this area.

As a result of this roadmap, the company has started working on the inclusion of people with disabilities. The first step was carrying out a diagnosis to identify vacancies and to adapt the recruitment process accordingly.

Banregio currently has 6,246 employees and 52 of them are people with some sort of disability. The company is fully committed to continue fostering the inclusion and retention of people with disabilities.

Accordingly, the company was awarded the 2022 Include Award for outstanding practices, thanks to its comprehensive and sustainable project for the creation of a culture of inclusion.

The project was based on four interconnected pillars:

The first pillar is “health without limits”, an annual internal survey which aims to support Banregio in areas such as the employment of people with disabilities. This was achieved thanks to conferences such as “How to live with a disability” and “How to help the relatives of a person with disabilities in their wellbeing” (physically, emotionally, at work and throughout their daily lives).

The second pillar is creating jobs based on the recommendations of the employees with disabilities in the company.

The third pillar is “human library”, a series of talks with keynote collaborators with disabilities or their relatives, with the aim of sharing their life stories and raising awareness and empathy on this matter.

The last pillar consists in recruiting senior managers for the different branches of the company who can help customers in need of sign language interpretation and offer them the best service.