The Home Depot, together with Movimiento Congruencia, develops projects aimed at rendering its stores and support offices accessible

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3 May 2019

Movimiento Congruencia (M.C.) offers advice and support to companies that are developing inclusion processes, providing them with the tools to reach full inclusion. The Include Awards, granted every year, are a way of identifying and spreading best practices. The Home Depot Mexico won the Community Bonding Award in 2015 and the Accessibility Award in 2017.

Since 2011, The Home Depot Mexico has organized 167 volunteer days to benefit institutions helping people with disabilities, with more than 8,895 hours of community work thanks to the participation of 2,121 partners, which have directly impacted on more than 62,321 people. The Home Depot Mexico has more than 15,000 partners in more than 123 workplaces throughout the country, 71 of which are people with disabilities.

The company, which seeks to raise awareness, foster inclusion and become an expert on this matter, has collaborated with M.C. several times. For example, with the Diploma + Talent, aimed at training specialists in designing projects for the labor inclusion of people with disabilities.

The Home Depot Mexico, together with M.C., is currently developing an inclusive service training course, which aims at raising awareness and providing tools to its partners in both stores and support offices, so that they offer an empathetic and inclusive service to other partners, clients or suppliers with disabilities.

In accordance with its values, doing what’s right and giving back to the community, the objective of The Home Depot Mexico is to turn its stores and offices into places where everyone feels welcome, valued and included. This is being carried out by adapting the existing stores and designing new stores in a way that provides spaces and services to anyone who wants them, promoting several awareness raising events or offering training courses, such as the Inclusive Service course, to its staff. At The Home Depot, diversity builds.