‘Train the trainer’ workshop series by the Chilean Network of Inclusive Companies (ReIN)

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28 Oct 2022

The Chilean Network of Inclusive Companies is using its ability to connect and convene companies around inclusion. With the aim of providing tools for all its member companies, the Network will be hosting a series of “train the trainer” workshops for all of its focal points. This initiative gathers a team of experts representing businesses, institutions, and foundations, who have broad experience in several topics related to inclusion, such as unconscious bias training, awareness raising, accessibility, inclusive leadership, human resources management, legal frameworks, inclusive digital platforms and inclusive institutional policies.

The first aim of these workshops is building reporting capacities to promote their implementation within the companies by the Network’s focal point.

The second aim is adopting new training tools, which can be used by the member companies to ensure the employment of people with disabilities.

The member companies have chosen the topics for each workshop, after identifying their weaknesses or their current gaps in development and implementation, as well as the topics for which they require expert support. The idea is to foster the employability of people with disabilities and a culture of inclusion within the business.

Additionally, these workshops have helped to close the ties between the members of the Network, thus granting a smoother communication between its member companies. This was a great achievement for the Network and one of its main values, for each initiative launched by the Network is a driving force for the Network as a whole.

This year, several workshops have been held to build the capacity of over 30 companies on several topics related to inclusion. These activities have been the backbone this year’s program for the Chilean Network of Inclusive Companies.