Zain’s Inclusive Hiring Guideline: Empowering Diversity and Accessibility

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28 Jun 2023

Zain, a leading telecommunications company, is dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusivity through its disability initiative, WE ABLE. As part of this initiative, Zain has developed comprehensive inclusive hiring guidelines that cover various aspects of the recruitment and onboarding process to enhance the employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities across the company’s operations, ultimately with the aim of increasing the employment of people with disabilities across its operations. These guidelines cover disability etiquette, job posting, interview processes, onboarding, and reasonable accommodations. By incorporating these guidelines, Zain aims to create an inclusive and accessible environment that enables individuals with disabilities to thrive in their careers.

The guidelines on disability etiquette provide Zain’s HR and recruitment team with a framework to ensure respectful and inclusive interactions with candidates and employees with disabilities. It promotes awareness and sensitivity towards diverse needs and challenges, fostering a culture of respect and understanding throughout the hiring process.

In terms of job postings and interview processes, the guidelines ensure that job descriptions are inclusive and free from any bias or discriminatory language. They provide guidance on how to structure interviews and assess candidates in a fair and equitable manner, taking into account individual abilities and providing necessary accommodations.

The guidelines also address the onboarding process, emphasising the importance of providing a supportive and inclusive environment for new employees with disabilities. They outline best practices for creating personalised onboarding plans and ensure accessibility in orientation and training programmes.