Neurodiversity Workplace Inclusion Online Resources

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31 Aug 2020

Finding and keeping top talent is an ongoing challenge, especially in high-tech sectors. Companies are increasingly turning to previously unexplored talent pools to help to bridge talent needs, and a number of companies are targeting neurodiverse individuals, including those on the autism spectrum. These businesses are demonstrating the concept of neurodiversity by recognizing and respecting neurological differences as any other human variation; proving they can be assets in select job functions.

DXC Technology, in collaboration with Cornell University, an ILO-GBDN member, is making information available free of charge about its five-year program (The Dandelion Program) working with the Australian government on hiring, retaining and promoting neurodiverse individuals. The site, allows other organizations to leverage DXC’s experience, knowledge and organizational management tools to initiate their own workplace programs.

Cornell University is offering an online self-paced course targeting HR professionals — Autism at Work. Course content explores these emerging initiatives in business to actively recruit and hire individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Participants are encouraged to assess implications for human resource (HR) policies and practices within their organizations and investigate opportunities and challenges encountered across the employment process in designing and implementing these initiatives. Participants will learn the importance of creating a workplace culture that embraces a diverse workforce, including individuals with disabilities and those who are neurodiverse. Participants learn how to build internal and external support systems to promote success for these employees, and use metrics and analytics to determine the program’s effectiveness at individual and organizational levels. If you are a practicing HR professional who is certified and need credits to renew your certification, this course is worth 10 HRCI and SHRM credits. 2020 Remaining Course Dates: September 2, October 28, December 23.

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